Grundy offers an Insurance Package for Water and Sewer Systems with the lowest rates and is available in all 48 states. Grundy Worldwide’s Water and Wastewater program is primarily underwritten by an A++ rated carrier, making ours the strongest and most stable Utility Insurance Program in the country.

Coverage highlights include:


  • Comprehensive insurance providing financial protection against the loss of, or damage to, real and personal property caused by such perils as fire, theft, explosion, vandalism, malicious mischief, etc.
  • Boiler & Machinery – Comprehensive coverage protecting specifically defined Object groups from perils which include explosion, water damage, ammonia contamination. Spoilage and contamination, business and service interruption and various other named perils according to schedule.
  • Flood & Quake coverage available in certain areas – Coverage against loss resulting from the perils of flood and earthquake.


  • Comprehensive insurance to cover liability for injuries or property damage sustained by third party persons. It covers accidents occurring on or away from your premises, as a result of business operations. It is on an occurrence basis
  • Dam/Downstream Liability – Provides Liability coverage for catastrophic loss in the event of dam collapse /failure, including downstream exposures/losses.
  • No Lead Exclusion – Standard lead exclusion is deleted from policy.

**Limited Pollution Liability Coverage for potable water and chemicals used to treat water
**FAILURE TO SUPPLY – Covers losses as a result of lack or complete interruption of water.

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  • Comprehensive coverage minimizing liability and maximizing legal protection on behalf of a company’s directors, officers, major shareholders and/or Public Officials in the event of incurring management losses.


  • Comprehensive coverage includes the replacement of monies and securities lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen from an insured’s premises or in transit; and Employee Dishonesty covering fraudulent or dishonest acts by employees.


  • Comprehensive coverage is available in a broad or schedule form to respond to specific auto coverage needs. Coverage includes broad limits of liability; uninsured and underinsured motorist protection; non-owned and hired automobiles; employers’ non-ownership liability and comprehensive and collision coverage.


  • Includes coverages for Electronic Data Processing (Computer hardware and equipment), Contractors’/Mobile equipment, including backhoes, portable generators, handheld devices, etc., on and off-site equipment coverage.

*Definitions are for illustration purposes only and does not alter the terms of your policy. Actual policy will indicate where coverage is afforded.


  • Claims are handled by adjusters with years of experience in the water and sewer industry. You may contact Grundy Insurance to report claims or for 24/7. Your claims will be handled effectively and professionally